Adolescent Medicine

Our Team:

Rosemarie St. Victor, MD

Natalie Smith, RN

The Division of Adolescent Medicine at Brookdale is the leading comprehensive health care program for teenagers in Brooklyn.  It consists of in-patient, out-patient, school and community “outreach” activities. The full-service program includes specialists in adolescent care, a gynecology service strictly for teenagers, an adolescent inpatient unit, and physicians who treat eating disorders.  There is a Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison team, composed of a child adolescent psychiatrist and social worker. Our team includes nurses, social worker and medical assistants who are specifically trained to work with teenagers.

Services provided include full medical, gynecological, nutritional, and psychological counseling, evaluation and treatment. 

Menstrual problems (absent, irregular, heavy or infrequent menstrual bleeding, severe pain)Eating and feeding disorders, including: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
Contraception & Contraceptive counselingGender identity and sexual development issues
Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatmentTobacco, drug and alcohol abuse/misuse
Reproductive health visits, Pregnancy diagnosis counseling and referralPolycystic ovarian syndrome
Vaginal dischargeChronic pelvic pain & Endometriosis
Evaluation of mood disordersDelayed puberty/delayed sexual development

Additional school and community “outreach” programs for teenagers have been organized and consist of parenting programs, health fairs, and didactic workshops.

We address the unique developmental needs for our teens. Our aim is to provide high-quality comprehensive confidential medical care to our teens throughout the adolescent years, with a focus on respecting uniqueness, supporting physical and emotional growth and development, and give our teens the power to ultimately take ownership of their healthcare and life decisions.

At the Division of Adolescent Medicine, we promote an environment that acknowledge adolescents’ need for confidentiality and trust, with emphasis on collaboration with family members and significant others whenever needed. Teens learn to practice self-advocacy in order to prepare them for a successful transition to adult healthcare. We welcome patients from all backgrounds and genders to our practice.


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