Scholarly Activities

A- Quality Improvement Projects 2021

1. Reducing Admission Boarding Time from Pediatric ED to the Pediatric Inpatient Unit
2. Prevention of Hypothermia i​n Newborn Babies admitted to NICU
3. Improving Asthma Education by Asthma Action Plan
4. Reducing Discharge Boarding Time at the Pediatric Inpatient Unit
5. Reducing Procedural Pain in Children: EMLA
6. Improving ASQ and MCHAT screening rate at Pediatric BFCCs” 
7. Implementing IPASS During Sign-Out
8. Decrease Chest-X-Rays usages in Children with Asthma Exacerbations
9. Calling PCP during Admission: Improved Patient-Centered Integrated Care

B- Presentations in Academic Meetings 2019- 2021

  1. Castillo, FB; Taborda, M; Wiredu, S; Okuducu, Y; Kayed, S; Timalsina, U; Burak, N; St. Victor, R; Viswanathan, K; Kupferman, F; Basak, R. “Reducing Discharge Boarding Time from the Inpatient Unit – A Quality Improvement Project in Progress.” E-poster presented at the Academic Pediatric Association QI Research Conference. April 29, 2021.
  2. AlKanjo, M; Al-Mulaabed, S; Soliman. S; Mukkamala. D; Kumar. A; Hendrix, S; Mahgerefteh. J; Kupferman, F. Short-Term Cardiac Effects of Perinatal Exposure to Cannabis in Newborns. ESPR 2020 as a poster presentation.
  3. Al Kanjo, M; Al-Mulaabed, S; Sakr. M; Balasundaram. P; Kumar. A; Park. H; Scott. S; Aeder. L; Kupferman, F; Basak R. Quality Improvement project to Reduce Unnecessary Chest X-Rays in Children with Asthma Exacerbations. Brooklyn Pediatric Society as a platform presentation.
  4. Alnayem. W; Springer. C; Kupferman, K. Relationship between Vitamin D and Hemoglobin A1C in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. ESPR 2020 as a poster presentation.
  5. Augustian, M; Bajracharya, S; Avulakunta, I; Challa, N; Shah, M; Sati, S; Taborda-Alvarez, M; Yeluru, A; Springer, C; Kupferman, F; Kurada, S. Comparison of Teaching Interventions to Improve Breastfeeding. ESPR and PAS 2020 as a poster presentation.
  6. Balasundaram, P; Al-Mulaabed, S; Kurada, S; Kim, R; Kupferman, K. Change in Leukocyte Profile and CRP Following a Leukoreduced Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Very Low Birth Rate and Preterm Neonate. ESPR and PAS 2020 as a poster presentation.
  7. Challa, N; Qarooni, S; Kim, R; Kurada, S; Kupferman, F. Caffeine Administration May Offer Renal Protection in Preterm Neonates. ESPR 2020 as a platform presentation, and at PAS 2020 as a poster presentation.
  8. Kumar, A; Al-Mulaabed, S; Tangal, H; Kupferman, F. Residents’ Education on Firearms Safety Counseling: Current Status, Perceived Barriers, and Suggested Resources. ESPR, PAS and APPD 2020 as poster presentation.
  9. Kumar, A; Al-Mulaabed, S; Tangal, H; Kupferman, F. Residents’ Attitudes and Comfort Level towards Firearms Safety Counseling in High Risk Area. ESPR and PAS 2020 as platform presentation.
  10. Park, H; Shah, M; Springer, C; Ahmad, K; Kupferman, F; Viswanathan, K. The association of Lung Function Test, Sleep Study and Hemolytic Markers with Acute Chest Syndrome in Pediatric Sickle cell Patients. ESPR 2020 as platform presentation, and at PAS 2020 as poster presentation.
  11. Sakr, M; Starasvetskaya, N; Julliano, C; Ratner, V; Isler, J; Ten, V. Intermittent Hypoxemia (IH) of Prematurity is Driven by Inter-Atrial Venous Admixture. PAS 2020 as poster presentation.
  12. Sher, G; Gaffoor, M; Kupferman, F. Abnormal Chest X-ray Findings in Mild, Moderate and Severe Asthma Exacerbation and the Impact on acute Asthma Management in Pediatric Patients. ESPR 2020 as a platform presentation, and at PAS 2020 as a poster presentation.
  13. Yousef, K; Shi, Q; Kupferman, K. Electrolytes Measured by Blood Gas Sample Analysis – Are the Values Comparable with Results Obtained from Simultaneously Drawn Serum Samples. ESPR 2020 as platform presentation, and at PAS 2020 as a poster presentation.
  14. Al-Mulaabed, S; Sati, S; Kumar, A; Mallik, A; Viswanathan, K; Nathan, R; Kupferman, F. Weight and BMI in Children with Autism Disorder: Changes from Birth to Diagnosis and 1 year follow up. ESPR 2019 as a platform presentation.
  15. Al-Mulaabed, S; Tangal, H; Siddique, H; Mahgerefteh, J; Thakur, K; Kupferman, F. Implementation of American Heart Association Recommendations as Part of Sport Physical Examination to Eliminate Unnecessary Cardiovascular Testing – A Value-Based Quality Improvement Initiative. Presented at the High Value Practice Academic Alliance 2019 as a poster.
  16. Avulakunta, I; Al-Mulaabed, S; Challa, N; Sher, G; Kurada, S; Kim, R; Kupferman, F.  Association between Thrombocytopenia and Retinopathy of Prematurity. Presented at ESPR 2019 as a poster
  17. Bajracharya, S; Al-Mulaabed, S; Challa, N; Al-Kanjo, M; Shah, M; Kurada, S; Kupferman, F. Comparison of Neonatal Early Onset Sepsis Calculator Recommendation with Clinical and Laboratory Assessment is African American predominant underserved community.ESPR and PAS 2019 as a poster and awarded 1st prize as a platform in BPS.
  18. Dingle, E; Springer, C; Fernanda, K. Racial Disparities in Transition from Pediatric to adult Medical Care: 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health. PAS 2019 as platform.
  19. Gopalakrishnamoorthy, M; Al-Mulaabed, S; Mella, C; Viswanathan, K; Kupferman, F. Pediatric Hyperglycemic Emergencies Spectrum. ESPR 2019 as a platform, at PAS 2019 as a poster presentation and was awarded 1St price at NYAM 2019 as a platform. 
  20. Halawa, M; Al-Mulaabed, S; Mallik, A; Kupferman, F. Media Exposure and Adequate Sleep in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ESPR as platform 2019, and as a poster at PAS 2019. Abstract was awarded 1st price as a platform at BHMC research day.
  21. Hamza, M; Al-Mulaabed, S; Kurada, S; Kim, R; Kupferman, F. Can Neonatal Monocyte Count predict Chorioamnionitis? ESPR 2019 as a platform, and as a poster at PAS 2019.
  22. Htun, Y; Al-Mulaabed, S; Kupferman, F. Impact of Caregiver’s Perception over Weight Status on Physical Activity of Adolescents. ESPR 2019 as platform, and at PAS 2019 as poster.
  23. L S Kanaga, K V; Shi, Q; Tangal, H; Fernanda, K. Association between 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Dyslipidemia in Obese African American children. ESPR 2019 as a platform and at PAS 2019 as a poster presentation.
  24. Santhanam, P; Shah, Y; Dingle, E; Springer, C; Kim, R; Nathan, R; Kupferman, F. Rising Trend in Cesarean Sections and the Epidemic of Chronic Childhood Diseases. NASPGHAN 2018 as a poster.
  25. Shi, Q; Castillo, F; Yousef, K; Viswanathan, K; Kupferman, F. Facilitators and Barriers to Access to Pediatric Medical Services in a community Hospital. PAS 2019, and at BHMC Research Day.
  26. Castillo, F; Shi, Q; Viswanathan, K; Kupferman, K. Parental Support for Healthy Behaviors and Prior Emergency Department Visits are Associated with Increased Influenza Vaccine Uptake. ESPR 2019 as a Poster Presentation.
  27. Subedi, A; Mallik, A; Springer, C; Kupferman, F. Impact of Neighborhood Safety on Bulling in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ESPR as platform 2019, and as a poster at PAS 2019.

C – Peer Reviewed Publications 2019-2021

  1. Somaya Abuelazm , Harsha Kanumalla, Marvic Taborda- Alvarez, Jacob Eisdorfer, Ratna Basak Acute Right-Sided Abdominal Pain in an Adolescent: Expect the Unexpected. Cureus 2021 July 13(7): e16649. DOI: 10.7759/cureus.16649
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